Our Mission

The Acupuncture Health Network’s mission is to provide access to affordable, quality Acupuncture services.

We have created this network to ensure that every Acupuncturist’s fees are legal and compliant with state laws, legally allowing providers to offer substantial discounts greater than the typical time of service discount.


Do you want to offer fee structures that are both legal and support patients receiving your full care?

There Is 1 Necessary Service to Have in Your Practice: Discount Medical Plan

Give cash-paying patients discounts legally so they can receive your care!

Discount Medical Plan Organization (DMPO)

Providers click here to join The Acupuncture Health Network, the nation’s only Acupuncture specific Discount Medical Program.


Patient Portal

Patients click here to find an Acupuncturist near you who accepts insurance and has affordable fee structures if you don’t have insurance coverage.