Matthew Enright, LAc, Landon Agoado, LAc founded “The Acupuncture Health Network” in 2015.
Today it is the only Acupuncture network in the United States and is completely owned and managed by Acupuncturists;
a fact that brings major advantages to both our members and our Acupuncture provider partners.

The Acupuncture Health Network’s mission is to provide access to affordable, quality Acupuncture services to anyone in need whose insurance does not cover Acupuncture. We have also created this network to also ensure that every Acupuncturist’s fees are legal and compliant with state laws, legally allowing the providers to offer substantial discounts greater than the typical POS or point of service discount.

We pledge that if your Acupuncturist or Acupuncturist you wish to see is not in our network, we will contact them on your behalf. Just contact us and give us the doctor’s name and phone number.

The Acupuncture Health Network is the nation’s only Discount Acupuncture Network. When you join the DMPO, your patients know what services they are getting and what services will cost before going into any provider’s office. Without haggling.  With this unique fee structure there are no unpleasant surprises.

The health of our members is our top priority. Anyone can begin immediately enjoying the benefits of our growing network of members and Acupuncturists by filling out this simple form. It only takes a minute and is guaranteed to pay for itself with our money-back guarantee.

The Acupuncture Health Network and its provider partners are totally committed to helping our members get the care they deserve. Acupuncture works. To see how Acupuncture is helping people every day, please take a moment to look over these studies, including many conducted by government agencies. They point clearly to the conclusion that Acupuncture helps people stay healthy and vigorous for a lifetime.